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Vest with tassels 2

Vest with tassels 2

Táto košeľa je bohužiaľ vypredaná a rovnakú sa mi ušiť nepodarí. Chcete nejakú podobnú? Stačí, keď mi necháte email a správa o novom naskladnení vás neminie!

Vest made from old Slovak linen. In the past, canvas was used for tablecloths or tea towels and had to endure a lot. And so it is exactly like that - solid. The vest will be a great intermediate layer for colder weather. 

The vest is connected at the top with an oblique strip, made from the rest of the canvas. 

The canvas is old and because it has been used and that is its story, it may have a stain or other irregularity on it. Please take this into account when buying and praise its possible small flaws.

Material & Measurements

Material: upper part 100% linen, inner part: 100% cotton
Length (from shoulder to bottom): 52 cm (including tassels)
Width across the chest: 115 cm (with full lacing on the sides, can be allowed)


I washed every single canvas in the washing machine before sewing to make sure that the fabric would last and not stain. I recommend washing the vest only when it is really dirty, at a temperature of 40°C and with a natural washing powder or gel. Since it is made of natural materials, it is enough to let it air out in the fresh air for a few hours after each wear.

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Wearing a story, that's what it's all about

Each shirt is made from an old tablecloth. And it carries a story. I started sewing shirts from tablecloths mainly because of the quality that old, proven fabrics hide in themselves. The overlap of the story came only at the moment when I walked around in one of the shirts made from the tablecloth.

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