Why is there only one of each?

Everything you find on the site, be it a shirt, a dress or part of a costume, is unique. The shirts and dresses are made from old embroidered tablecloths and there is no universe in which I can duplicate the thing.

Why is every shirt a different size?

Old tablecloths worn occasionally they have irregularities, which I try to avoid by gently changing the cut. Changing the cut also allows me to get the most out of each tablecloth. By adding a centimeter in addition, I save the entire embroidery, by gently removing it elsewhere I avoid a hole and so on. It's important to me that things fit, but it's equally important to preserve the story that someone's hands have already written.

Why is almost everything sold out?

Finding the right tablecloth and sewing a shirt from it takes time, so I sew all clothes in limited quantities. When I find a suitable tablecloth, I sew a shirt from it, and as they gradually sell out, I sew them gradually.

Why can't I have a skirt made to measure?

Skirts and skirts are old costumes that I then modify. However, I try to preserve their original cut as much as possible, so it is not possible to sew a skirt exactly according to your wishes.

Why can't I have my shirt tailored?

You can! I always have a pile of tablecloths at home that I plan to work with. Write to me , I'll send you photos of what I have right now, and after fine-tuning the dimensions and cut, I'll start production.