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White dress No.2

White dress No.2

White dresses are our way. They were created on it gradually - from the Spanish fabric, through cutting in the caravan, to our home, where they took their final shape. The fabrics from which the dresses are made were originally embroidered sheets and duvet covers, the sleeves are often pillows that are decades old.

The torso and the lower part of the dress are made of different fabrics, so they have a different, but matching shade. Inside, the dress is joined with French seams and the hems are finished with an oblique stripe. The pockets are a blue surprise, they are not visible when worn, but if someone decides to use the dress as a wedding dress, the blue component can be checked off .

Please read the dimensions carefully before purchasing. I am 170 cm, wear size 36 and my dress is oversized. In the photo I have dress number 1 , the photo here is only illustrative, the dimensions are the same, except for the sleeves.

Material & Measurements

Material: 100% cotton
Total length: 115 cm
Width across the chest: 100 cm
Sleeve length: 37 cm


After sewing, I washed the dress in the washing machine to make sure that the seams hold and the fabric does not loosen. However, since these are hand-embroidered fabrics, I recommend washing as gently as possible and, if possible, washing by hand as often as possible. The dresses are made of natural materials, so if they don't have stains, you just need to air them out in the fresh air after each wear.

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Wearing a story, that's what it's all about

Each shirt is made from an old tablecloth. And it carries a story. I started sewing shirts from tablecloths mainly because of the quality that old, proven fabrics hide in themselves. The overlap of the story came only at the moment when I walked around in one of the shirts made from the tablecloth.

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