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Wall plate white-blue

Wall plate white-blue

Táto košeľa je bohužiaľ vypredaná a rovnakú sa mi ušiť nepodarí. Chcete nejakú podobnú? Stačí, keď mi necháte email a správa o novom naskladnení vás neminie!

Clay plate for the wall, created in a very limited quantity in cooperation with Ateliér PI-HA.

The plate is modeled by hand from Czech clay with a fine edge. The upper side is painted and glazed with a transparent glaze with fine cracking.

Thanks to the handmade production, each piece is unique and intended for decoration.

Material & Measurements

Material: Czech clay
Diameter: 13 cm


Hang it securely and dust it once in a while. In case of any contamination, water and cleaning gel will help.

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Wearing a story, that's what it's all about

Each shirt is made from an old tablecloth. And it carries a story. I started sewing shirts from tablecloths mainly because of the quality that old, proven fabrics hide in themselves. The overlap of the story came only at the moment when I walked around in one of the shirts made from the tablecloth.

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