Wearing a story, that's what it's all about.

Each piece is sewn from an old tablecloth. And it carries a story. I started sewing clothes from tablecloths mainly because of the quality that old, proven fabrics hide in themselves. The overlap of the story came only at the moment when I walked in one of the pieces made from the tablecloth.

Finding and then cleaning tablecloths takes a lot of time. Likewise, the process in which I try to use as much as possible from each tablecloth. Ideally, cut it completely.

Some parts have defects in them. Small holes and stains that confirm that they have already spent some time in this world. If the fabric has big flaws, I work around them by gently changing the cut, and that's what makes each shirt unique. She's not the same, even if I wanted to be.

It doesn't stop at the fabric, the mother-of-pearl buttons that decorate every shirt are also old. My only compromise is the threads, they are new and polyester, may the shirt last you for years.

I continue the story with my work, I continue to write it by sewing. And its continuation is only up to you.