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Vest with monogram

Vest with monogram

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Vest made from old Slovak canvas. In the past, canvas was used for tablecloths or tea towels and had to endure a lot. And it's exactly like that - solid. The vest will be a great intermediate layer for colder weather.

The vest is double-sided and connected at the top with an oblique strip made from the rest of the canvas.

Because the canvas is old and used for years, you can find a little flaw on your vest every now and then. A small stain or a hole that tell its story. Please remember it when making a purchase and glorify the little imperfections

Material & Measurements

Material: top fabric 100% linen, inner fabric: 100% cotton
Length (from the shoulder down): 42 cm
Width across the chest: 90 cm


I washed every single canvas in the washing machine before sewing to make sure that the fabric would last and not stain. I recommend washing the vest only when it is really dirty, at a temperature of 40°C and with a natural washing powder or gel. Since it is made of natural materials unless you find a stain, simply hang the shirt in fresh air after you have worn it..

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